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DOA - Dukes of Art, is holding more than only graffiti. DOA tries to bring her own style into the urban environment, in various art forms. From the beginning inspired by styles of the 90's, and now covering all kinds of styles, which off course also partly depends on the requirements from the clients.

The company operates since 2008 in the field of surface protection; removing and preventive protection against graffiti.

Railways of the Generalitat de Catalunya was created on September 5, 1979 by the Generalitat de Catalunya as a result of the 1978 State cessions to the Generalitat de Catalunya, with the aim of exploiting the publicly owned railways that previously belonged to FEVE in Catalonia. As a diverse company that provides the services required by the Generalitat de Catalunya, FGC has stated that its mission is: 1- Manage effectively and efficiently the services and infrastructures that have been assigned to it as ...Read more

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We are a global marketplace which connects businesses and freelance field engineers in telecom industry. The Fastest Growing Start-up with a Global Workforce in 146 Countries. We have currently 15000+ engineers signed up worldwide.

The Finnish Transport Agency is responsible for the maintenance of Finland's transport system. The Agency took over from the Finnish Rail Administration and parts of the work of the former Finnish Maritime Administration and the Finnish Road Administration on 1 January 2010.

Graffiti AIX is a young and flexible company that has set itself the main task of eliminating illegal graffiti. A durable, neat and clean appearance of the city of Aachen is their goal that they want to achieve together with the customers! The services are also available for the neighbors from the Netherlands!

Graffiti is a long-term concept, where innovation and visions are needed together with high quality products, to enhance cooperation with our customers and future requirements. We provide sustainable solutions on: graffiti cleaning, facade cleaning, removal of algae and moss, special projects, janitorial and window cleaning.

Green Concepts Cleaning organisation is specialized for removing the graffiti spray paints from natural and artificial surfaces.

Graffit-Guard offers Products for Graffiti-Removal and Graffiti-Proteciton, consulting, training and customer support to commercial users and approved partners and is an overall contact for all issues related to anti graffiti measures in real estate and public places. Grafffiti-Guard is: - certified (RAL/BAST) graffiti protection system (coatings and cleaners) - network of approved partners throughout Europe - international technical support - training of commercial users and approved partners

A point of reference for all to follow and admire the latest Street Art from around the world. Our goal is to inform our community and support urban street art from all over the planet. Check out our constantly updated Photo archives, sent to us directly from the artists in most cases, we offer you what happens on city walls from all corners of the globe. Comment and interact - let us know what you like and we will offer more of it! You will find samples ...Read more

UITP supports sustainable public transport & mobility in urban areas worldwide.

The International Union of Railways (Union Internationale des Chemins de fer - UIC) is the worldwide organisation for international cooperation among railways and promotion of rail transport at a global level. Founded in 1922, it currently gathers 200 members on all 5 continents, among them railways, rail operators, infrastructure managers, railway service providers, public transport companies, etc. UIC maintains close cooperation links with all actors of rail transport, including industries, railway associ ...Read more

The Keep Britain Tidy Network is exactly that - a network of organisations and individuals with a professional interest in managing and improving place. “The Network supports us in our aims and we can share best practice and innovation with other professionals. From a value for money perspective in these difficult financial times, we have recouped our membership fee in expert advice alone. Whether you’re working in the public sector, private or third sector, and whether you’re a land manager or ser ...Read more

Since its inception in 1997, the close cooperation between the security partners leads to good results. Stuttgart is still one of the safest big cities in Germany. After the last municipal Bürgerumfrage the vast majority of the citizens in their respective residential area feels very safe or secure. The Stuttgart security partnership is based on the idea that safety is not solely a matter for the police, because security concerns everyone and therefore a common task. The security partnership is based on ...Read more

The Kriminalpräventive Rat encounters the phenomenon graffiti for many years successfully. This means to combat illegal graffiti, but simultaneously offer legal areas and to support preventive services. In the city of Dresden, it is possible in some places, this art form is not illegal, but to live out an entirely legal manner. The current legal Plains and the Flyers have the appropriate locations can be found on their website.

Official city portal for the city of Munich.

This is the organization in which the collaboration of public and private institutions takes in a central place, in order to establish crime prevention which eventually will strengthening civil society. Prevention policy is one of the core tasks of the free community of the Federal Republic of Germany and their countries. This means that educated and informed citizens are able to take responsibility for the development of their environment.

Lithuanian Railways is the national, state-owned railway company of Lithuania. It operates most railway lines in the country.

Islington Council is the local authority for the London Borough of Islington in Greater London, England. Islington is divided into 16 wards, each electing three councillors. The council is split into five directorates: Children’s Services; Corporate Resources; Environment and Regeneration; Finance; HASS (Housing). The council currently employs around 3100 staff although this will increase as additional contracted services will be coming in house. A significant proportion of the borough’s working age ...Read more

The Malta Planning Authority is the national agency responsible for the environment and planning in Malta. The national agency was established to regulate the environment and planning on the Maltese islands of Malta, Gozo and other small islets of the Maltese archipelago. MEPA is bound to follow the regulations of the Environment Protection Act (2001) and the Development Planning Act (1992) of the Laws of Malta. The national agency is also responsible for the implementation of Directives, Decisions and R ...Read more