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A point of reference for all to follow and admire the latest Street Art from around the world.

Our goal is to inform our community and support urban street art from all over the planet. Check out our constantly updated Photo archives, sent to us directly from the artists in most cases, we offer you what happens on city walls from all corners of the globe. Comment and interact - let us know what you like and we will offer more of it!
You will find samples of works from hundreds of Street Artists internationally, hence getting to understand their styles and works. In the photo album section we feature artists by name.
The art skills of young anonymous and famous artists that interact with mostly urban environments to express themselves, are fascinating. Through art, street walls have become expression platforms for thousands of people in cities. Symbols, Irony, Hate or even Romantic or comic expressions, Colourful or single colour creations.
Street Art expression has its dignity and style, let us support it. It is art not Vandalism. The streets are becoming canvases offering colour and art to our everyday lifes! They might even make you think a bit out of the box.
Lets all share and spread the movement. I Support Street Art, wants to give glimpses of art at any place in the world. Share what you find cool and tell us your thoughts.


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