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Graffiti occurring mostly on the facades of buildings and public facilities difficult to treat as an art form. This is a typical act of vandalism. The most severe aspect of the appearance of the graffiti appears to be damage to property, and thus incurred by the owners of the devastated area of ​​costs incurred to bring them to the previous state.
In addition to the purely material dimension, the appearance of graffiti can lead to an escalation of illegal activities on the destroyed area, the lower the security of the residents, and consequently to a decline in real estate values ​​in the area or even decline in tourist attractiveness of the city. Risks resulting from the described state of affairs forcing local authorities need to take a comprehensive, integrated action to try to limit the phenomena occurring in Krakow. The more that ubiquitous illegal graffiti could directly lead to an increase in crime in the city. Realizing the importance of the problem, Mayor of the City of Krakow, prof. Jacek Majchrowski appointed Task Force. The fight against illegal graffiti. The meeting was chaired by Advisor to the Mayor Wieslaw Starowicz. Municipal Police of the City of Krakow is the coordinator of all incoming requests.


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