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Abakus is specialized in cleaning, protecting and renovating facades, pavements, floors etc. including removal of unwanted graffiti.

All City is a specialist in France of graffiti and street art equipment, including exclusive distributor of the famous paint bombs MTN Montana Colors, but also brands Krink, On The Run, Grog and many others. After 8 years of production of magazines, books, videos and other items in the area of graffiti, All City now focuses its activity on the sale and distribution of street art equipment.

L’Associazione McLuc Culture nata nel 2005 è un'associazione di promozione sociale. Si occupa di promuovere la creatività urbana e la diffusione della sua corretta conoscenza. Organizza eventi a livello nazionale e internazionale in particolare di graffiti e dintorni. Membri di una rete nazionale ed Europea di artisti e associazioni con gli stessi fini.

New Zealand
Local Government

The consultancy for construction plant care has been active since 2002 in the service industry. They are specialized at removing color daubs in schools and the implementation of preventive measures, as well as the technical advice for preventive and organizational fire protection.

Bialystok Cultural Centre exists since 1975 (named the Municipal House of Culture then), for a long time it included several urban centers, cinema theater, cafes, club and outdoor facilities among others. In the early 90’s, similarly to other institutions, it was reorganized and changed its name to the present Bialystok Cultural Centre. Every year, Bialystok Cultural Centre as the municipal institution organizes or co-organizes about 300 events in which participates an average of over 80,000 people. Th ...Read more

United Kingdom
Bristol City Council is the local authority of Bristol, England. It is a unitary authority, having the powers of a non-metropolitan county and district council combined. The council is unusual in the United Kingdom local government system in that its executive function is controlled by a directly elected mayor of Bristol, currently George Ferguson. Bristol comprises 35 wards, electing 70 councillors.

ProGram is a joint project of Brücke München and various organisations in Munich. The program offers both the opportunity for sprayers and the responsibility for their actions to take and work actively for a reparation, and on the other hand support for the victims in obtaining a damage compensation caused by graffiti vandalism.

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United States
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CFL cargo provides high-quality regional feeder services and international rail freight services, in cooperation with its subsidiaries in Denmark, Germany, France and Sweden, and in cooperation with sister-company CFL multimodal and its subsidiaries. CFL cargo also offers single wagon load services to its customers and has extensive experience with oversize load transportation. ​

City Culture Institute (Instytut Kultury Miejskiej) is a municipal cultural institution in Gdansk (Poland). It enhances the role of culture in city life and stimulates active participation in city culture. The main subjects of our interest are new cultural phenomena, cultural projects that engage residents and gain new audiences. The aim of the City Culture Institute actions is to strengthen and link cultural networks with different areas of residents’ life. We act through the co-working with experts w ...Read more

While cleaning the tags do not fall in principle within the competence of the municipalities (as the tagged areas are private), the City of Avignon has always endeavored to fight against this plague that disfigures our city.

The City of Brussels leads a policy of fight against tags and graffiti by proposing their removal and by punishing the offenders.

The Colorful City is the first association that colors public spaces in Hungary. The civil based project has formed itself to be a movement from the very beginning, because coloring up public spaces in a legal way was unknown before 2008 by the time the initiative of Colorful City Project was launched. The basic idea is built on Victor Vasarely's Colorful City concept, published in 1983, which bottom line is for art to set foot on the streets, public spaces and that people should not only meet with fi ...Read more

Colpofer is an international cooperation company on railway security. They provide best practices for the prevention and fight against graffiti vandalism.

CP — Comboios de Portugal, EPE (CP; English: Trains of Portugal) is a state-owned company which operates freight and passenger trains in Portugal. Before June 2009, CP stood for Caminhos de Ferro Portugueses (English: Portuguese Railways) although the company has been using its current designation as a brand name since 2004.  

The Crime Prevention Council Augsburg works with a multi agency approach on all the different phenomenon of crime, also on Graffiti.

The company DEKORTEK is specialized for removing any type of graffiti from surface areas without damaging the underlying material, even on the most delicate surfaces such as stone or marble. The methods are: the classical system of sanding, sandblasting, pickling and carrying out a high-pressure washing. On request after cleaning, the company offers anti graffiti coating.

Difusor is an independent organisation, establishes festivals related to street art.