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“Urban Area open spaces – Salerno” is a shared public art project by the social promotion association “a.DNA“, dedicated to the territority of the Province of Salerno.

From December 15th 2014, there were three workshops that involved many institutes in the city of Battipaglia and Campagna (Salerno – Italy). El Nino De Las Pinturas from Granada (Spain), Luispak from Battipaglia, carried out respectively murals on the buildings of primary schools “Stella”, in Capone street, and “J.F. Kennedy” in Belvedere street, both in the city of Battipaglia. The third workshop involved students attending the third year of the Institute “Confalonieri” in Campagna.

“Angeli della Strada” square, known to the inhabitants of Quadrivio di Campagna, in the province of Salerno, as “Market Square”, has undergone some radical changes too that have transformed it from a simple expanse of asphalt and concrete, into a real work of art.

The French artists of St. Etienne “Ella & Pitr“ with their surgery have radically changed not only the aesthetics of the square. Now a giant resting on a square of about 3600 square meters, 120m long and 30m wide, nicknamed “Eros”, shows us “How to stop sucking your fingers” and start to really change something, activating and not remaining passive. Change not only aesthetically or superficially, but engage in making the place we are suited to our needs, without delegating others to do so, without waiting for someone else to solve the problems: waking up and getting out of torpor is a duty of every citizen. Recover and “live” really their neighborhood and their city is a start of no small importance.

Thanks to a strong push of the local administration who wanted to recover a non-place so closed and impossible to live for most people, the association a.DNA has got to offer and invite the two artists Ella & Pitr, which for some years working directly on the horizontal surface of the roofs of buildings and entire streets, transforming anonymous stretches of asphalt, recline figures of giants or animals sleeping in different cities of the world: from Chile to Canada, from France to Germany.



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