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The Graffiti Dialogues Network (GDN) aimed to identify resource efficient and contextually and culturally appropriate responses to graffiti. Also, to figure out what needs to be done in terms of research and practice to support achievement of this aim and to set up a shared online platform and invite diverse actors and communities to exchange experiences, insights and exemplars. The Network organizes series of workshops and research activities ‐ which brings together members of city council departments, public transport organisations, police units, anti‐graffiti associations and cleaning companies, as well as graffiti writers, academics and cultural and social engagement specialists ‐ reflects that the different perspectives on graffiti and vandalism are based on various duties, responsibilities and interests of the relevant actors.

This project is an initiative of the Urban Laboratory at University College London, The Graffiti Dialogues Network at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London and Global Street Art. The Graffiti Sessions are funded jointly, through the UCL Grand Challenge of Sustainable Cities, the Bartlett School of Architecture and the Socially Responsive Design and Innovation Hub and Research Office of Central Saint Martins at UAL.


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