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Graffiti is an omnipresent phenomenon all over Europe ranging from simple written words to elaborate wall paintings. Even if there are artful masterpieces graffiti without the property owner's permission is commonly considered as disfigurement of public areas and transport, causing hundreds of millions of euros removal costs and the usage of tons of harmful chemicals each year. Furthermore scribbles often contain racist, homophobic or discriminatory content. Surroundings affected by extensive illegal graffiti produce feelings of insecurity among citizens and generate serious negative effects on a social, cultural and economic level.
Graffolution aims at contributing to counteracting the increase of graffiti vandalism focusing on smart awareness and prevention solutions for all affected stakeholder groups summarised on an innovative web based platform. Graffolution provides an extensive “Collaborative Knowledge Base” empowering city administrations, public transport services and law enforcement agencies to share statistics, knowledge, good practices and prevention strategies using intuitive modules and cooperation features. Additionally, the Graffolution platform contains an interactive “Open Information Hub” addressing local communities, citizens and sprayers to strengthen public awareness and enforce the prevention of illegal spraying activities, using effectual tools and visualisations. Through the integration of social media features and channels young people and especially the sprayer community is reached.
The Graffolution project leads to elementary research results and joint approaches integrating all interest groups to reduce illegal Graffiti in Europe with a strong pioneering nature in a global context. The created web platform serves as a central instance against graffiti vandalism for all experts, stakeholders and citizens being expandable with future data, apps and effective solutions that supports artistic expression while preserving public and private property and safety.


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