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Manufacturing of protective solutions against graffiti, Tagging, Paint Protection, with easy removal. Safety, Securtity and comfort solutions

Mobile Youth Work helps young people to find their places in the public domain and is a life-world oriented support and counseling services to adolescents . The learning processes of young people in public space are promoted through lobbying , conflict management and investment projects. Mobile youth work is oriented to the youth culture and scene-oriented forms of expression. With the support of the four youth workers Mobile Youth Work SEA young people , various activities ( parties, trips , sports tou ...Read more

Located in the heart of Vienna is a small but neat Sprayer Store has taken root. Just a few minutes by plane from the beautiful open spaces on the Danube Canal, it offers a sea of colors, a space of creativity, a place of exchange and communication, can take shape a primordial soup in everyone's ideas.

Die Fachstelle Graffiti berät rund um die Themen Graffitischutz und Entfernung von Sprayereien.Sie koordiniert zudem die Entfernung von störenden Schmierereien im öffentlichen Raum. Schnelles und konsequentes Handeln bringt Erfolg. Deshalb bietet die Fachstelle Graffiti nicht nur beratende Unterstützung, sondern – in Zusammenarbeit mit einem städtischen Arbeitsintegrationsprojekt – auch ein Anti-Graffiti-Abo an.

Auf www.streetart-bad-vilbel.de - der Internetseite, die die Straßen Bad Vilbels mit dem World Wide Web verbindet. In unseren News kann man sich über die Graffiti-Szene informieren. In der Gallery kann man eigene Graffitis veröffentlichen und die der anderen Sprayer bewerten. Hier kann man sich auch die Freiflächen ansehen, coole Links zu Büchern, Magazinen, Websites sowie Besser legal!-Tipps finden, wenn man mal Ärger mit illegalen Graffitis hat. Durch die Internetseite wollen sie die Graffiti-Com ...Read more

Die Organisation „Harmonisierung der Polizeiinformatik“ (HPI) in ihrer heutigen Form besteht seit 2011 im Rahmen einer Vereinbarung zwischen dem Bund (vertreten durch das Eidgenössische Justiz- & Polizeidepartement) und der Konferenz der Kantonalen Justiz- und Polizeidirektorinnen und -direktoren.Eine Folge der föderalen Struktur der Schweiz ist der Umstand, dass unser Land 26 kantonale Polizeikorps aufweist - alle mit eigenen, historisch gewachsenen und unterschiedlich gestalteten ...Read more

SYNYO GmbH, a leading SME based in Vienna, Austria, is an independent research, innovation and technology hub that explores, develops and implements novel technologies to tackle business and societal challenges. SYNYO analyses the impact of emerging technologies on business and consumers, and provides clients with novel insights on innovations affecting their investments and businesses. Understanding social, economic and political dynamics within society are indispensable prerequisites for identifying futu ...Read more

The Arts Council of Ireland is the Irish government agency for developing the arts. We work in partnership with artists, arts organisations, public policy makers and others to build a central place for the arts in Irish life.  

Project location GraffitiThe project site Graffiti coordinated all activities for the prevention, elimination and punishment of color graffiti within the city administration. In addition, it serves as a contact for Justice, initiatives, associations and other municipalities."Together Against Graffiti" Rules Partnership against vandalism colorFor a clean and safe city, the city of Bonn, the police Bonn, DB Station & Service AG, the Federal Police of Cologne and Haus & Grund ...Read more

The Gardaí cannot fight crime alone without the support and cooperation of the community. Everybody has a role to play in attempting to prevent and reduce crime. I would encourage all members of the community to actively consider how they can contribute to this goal. These pages contain basic information which will help you to improve your own security, and reduce the fear of crime and the risk of it occurring. The information provided promotes a safer, more secure and pleasant environment to both enjoy ...Read more

As the main public transport operator in Barcelona, Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona is the management unit of the companies Ferrocarril Metropolità de Barcelona, SA, and Transports de Barcelona, SA, which belong to Àrea Metropolitana de Barcelona (AMB).

The University of Barcelona is a public university located in the city of Barcelona, Catalonia in Spain.

Design Against Crime as an approach to social innovation and the design of products, places and communications emerged at University of the Arts London between 1999-2009. The philosophy behind the DAC Research Centre at UAL is linked to a practice-led socially responsive design research agenda addressing multiple drivers including crime and sustainability. The Centre operates on the understanding that design thinking as well as design practice can and should address security issues without compromising f ...Read more

Professional realization of murals, decorations, trompe l'oeil, live painting (since 1993). Organization of workshops, animations and team buildings for privates individuals and companies. Birthdays

Urban Art Organization is an addition to the Kunsthaus Maximilian and MUCA gallery, the third pillar and foundation of overall concept. As an agency, Urban Art Organisation act as placement for artists, assure the realization of in- and outdoor urban art projects and provide an experienced team in the field of event management. A main focus of the Urban Art Organization is the expansion and management of a high-end, permanent art collection, which forms the core of the organization. It is the objective o ...Read more

Urban Collectors – interactive platform on graffiti & street art that aims to: facilitate an open dialogue between street art and communities; create opportunities for street artists and grow their visibility/exposure; organize workshops and festivals on street art; produce books, periodicals, audio-video documentaries and research on street art & graffiti. LIBRARY: - free access library: over 100 publications on: street art & graffiti, graphics, illustrating, community art, urban a ...Read more

International research topic created with the purpose of knowledge gathering and scientific recognition of Urban Creativity as Graffiti and Street Art studies area. We organize annual scientific meetings (conferences, seminars) and publications, books and the Street Art & Urban Creativity Scientific Journal. UPark, an urban park as "laboratory", is our applied research based activity in the metropolitan area of ​​Lisbon, from there we also develop Services.

VR or VR Group is a state-owned railway company in Finland. Formerly known as Suomen Valtion Rautatiet (Finnish State Railways) until 1922 and Valtionrautatiet / Statsjärnvägarna (State Railways) until 1995. Its most important function is the operation of freight and passenger rail services.

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Established in 1991, alongside the rise of the “wheelie bin”, Wipeout Environmental Cleaning Services now provide a range of contract cleaning solutions primarily to businesses across Surrey, London and the rest of the UK.We operate highly effective and adaptable steam cleaning units from specially altered vans that also carry their own water and power supply; meaning we can clean anything anywhere!Steam cleaning blasts superheated steam out of a hose making quick work ...Read more