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The Austrian Federal Railways provided international graffiti artists with areas of 170 square meters that can be freely designed. The walls will be used to improve the railway station as long as it is still under construction. The project was supported by the local art gallery Ernst Hilger that also promotes the Austrian Street Art Festival Summer of the street art collective Cash, Cans and Candy. Known artists such as STINKFISH and The STENCIL NETWORK realised murals on the provided walls during the pr ...Read more

Salerno, Italy
“Urban Area open spaces – Salerno” is a shared public art project by the social promotion association “a.DNA“, dedicated to the territority of the Province of Salerno. From December 15th 2014, there were three workshops that involved many institutes in the city of Battipaglia and Campagna (Salerno – Italy). El Nino De Las Pinturas from Granada (Spain), Luispak from Battipaglia, carried out respectively murals on the buildings of primary schools “Stella”, in Capone street, and “J ...Read more

Gdansk, Poland
OGARNA 2.0 project is a complex and multilayered revitalisation of Ogarna Street. The main goals of the project are: renovation of chosen elevation parts and decorating them with artistic arrangements; building greens and elements of small architecture; organising and coordinating events and actions that will integrate inhabitants of Ogarna Street into the process of revitalisation and earn their support for the project. ...Read more

London, United Kingdom
The Graffiti Dialogues Network (GDN) aimed to identify resource efficient and contextually and culturally appropriate responses to graffiti. Also, to figure out what needs to be done in terms of research and practice to support achievement of this aim and to set up a shared online platform and invite diverse actors and communities to exchange experiences, insights and exemplars. The Network organizes series of workshops and research activities ‐ which brings together members of city council departments ...Read more

Vienna, Austria
Graffiti is an omnipresent phenomenon all over Europe ranging from simple written words to elaborate wall paintings. Even if there are artful masterpieces graffiti without the property owner's permission is commonly considered as disfigurement of public areas and transport, causing hundreds of millions of euros removal costs and the usage of tons of harmful chemicals each year. Furthermore scribbles often contain racist, homophobic or discriminatory content. Surroundings affected by extensive illegal gra ...Read more

Mechelen, Belgium
Street artist Gijs Vanhee from Mechelen (Be) has reached ten street artist to paint ten huge murals in the historical center of Mechelen. Gijs Vanhee, known as one of the city-artist of Mechelen, was responsible for reaching out as many street artists as possible to beautify his home Flemish town. The project took 2 years, and ten street artists were contributing in this creative initiative: Milu Correch (Buenos Aires, A ...Read more

Amsterdam, Netherlands
First programme targets sixteen year olds and is about the consequences of violence against train staff. Nearly two-thirds of violent incidents towards staff involve people not travelling with a ticket or travelling without a valid ticket and some of these incidents involve those engaged in vandalism and graffiti. A ticket inspector who was severely assaulted has developed the programme. It includes a particularly effective and moving video that explores, in a story-format, the consequences of a severe a ...Read more

New Orleans, United States
After losing someone she loved and experiencing deep depression, artist Candy Chang created an interactive wall on an abandoned house in her neighborhood to create an anonymous place to help restore perspective and share intimately with neighbors while remaining an introvert. After receiving permission, she painted the side of an abandoned house in her neighborhood in New Orleans with chalkboard paint and stenciled it with a grid of the sentence, “Before I die I want to _______.” Anyone walking by co ...Read more

Turku, Finland
As part of the European Capital of Culture exhibition, artist Candy Chang created a participatory public art project in Turku, Finland that invites people to reflect on the arc of their career aspirations. Located on a university path nicknamed Uraputki, or “Career Path,” the installation features prompts in English, Finnish, and Swedish that ask passersby what they wanted to be when they were a child and what they want to be today. The project transformed a neglected space into a constructive one fo ...Read more

London, United Kingdom
7 Bridges is an arts-led regeneration project which is large in scale and ambition, with a vision to create a strong and lasting sense of place to build identity and pride in Loughborough Junction. It broadly aims to: Develop a series of events, interventions and public artworks for the bridges Create an extraordinary emblem of change and renaissance in the area Transform bridge improvements from a simple upgrade process into one that showcases the very best in ...Read more

Stanwell, United Kingdom
The project took place in a community with various problems such as graffiti vandalism, and many residents having to leave their homes due to the panned demolition of the tin houses in the area, which were built during the war for temporary accommodation. There were many activities around the project and the final piece was a series of murals that were made by various graffiti artists and the young people within the society inspired by the memories of the citizens living in the area. The project included ...Read more

RioSanJuan, Netherlands
HALT project in the Netherlands focuses on dealing with those aged between 12 and 18 years who come in contact with the police for the first or second time. It is intended primarily for offences such as vandalism, graffiti, shoplifting and illegal use of fireworks. Juveniles, who have been apprehended by the police, have a choice between the cr ...Read more

Valencia, Spain
The village of Fanzara, home to 323 people, counts two bars, one butcher and a shop. But over the past year, this small village 50 miles north of Valencia has quietly transformed itself into the street art capital of Spain, with more than 40 murals by some of the country’s top street artists tucked among its beige and grey walls. Javier López, one of those behind the citizen-led transformation, said: “We’ve converted the village into a huge open-air gallery. We thought that putting together a muse ...Read more

The May Lane Art Project focuses on using graffiti as public art to create dynamic spaces of creativity and interaction in an urban environment that has been neglected. It sees graffiti as a creative practice and notes the positive outcomes of government supported (welfarist) art/community programmes (e.g. developing interaction between citizens, using the creative instinct of graffiti writers in a constructive manner and keeping the youth away from crimes). It focuses on regeneration, community engageme ...Read more

RioSanJuan, Tunisia
One of the oldest villages in Tunisia, Djerbahood, has become host to one of the biggest meetings of the modern street art scene. It turned out to be an authentic open-air museum, invested by artists from around the world. In July and August 2014, artists from about 30 nations traveled to Erriadh to create murals. Mehdi Ben Cheikh, founder of the French Galerie Itinerrance and organizer of the event, secured legal authorization from both the government and from private land owners before beginning the pr ...Read more

Prague, Czech Republic
DPP (The Prague Public Transit Co. Inc.) is building features to make the Anděl metro station in Prague wheelchair accessible. The project began in late 2014, and is expected to continue through the rest of 2015. When DPP began the project, the walls were white. Soon, however, they were filled with graffiti which included "amorous messages and vulgar poems," according to Metro.cz. In an effort to make the station a litt ...Read more

Basingstoke, United Kingdom
Operation Tag project is established because it was agreed by all that a multi-agency approach to the problem was essential and the sharing of information between all parties was critical, therefore all information gathered was handed over to the police. Photographs were taken of each new ‘tag’ and local residents surveyed their area for occurrences and reported any new incidences. It was agreed that not only was it important to enforce the law but also to raise public awareness of the costs involved ...Read more

Bristol, United Kingdom
Since the end of 2003 graffiti has been on the increase across Bristol. It was recognised that a multi-agency approach was needed to tackle the problem and the graffiti partnership was set up in early 2004. It was recognised that law enforcement is not the only answer to this complex form of criminality and the Bristol strategy had at its heart, law enforcement, crime reduction, diversion and education. The project involved identifying hotspot areas, monitoring and mapping prolific tags and increasing re ...Read more

Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom
The Graffiti Forum was established in 2000, in response to a marked rise in various forms of graffiti. Membership of the forum now includes representatives from the councils, neighbourhood services and regeneration directorates, Northumbria Police, Nexus and other major transport operators such as Stagecoach, Telewest, Network Rail, Northumbria Probation Service, and Northumbria University.Taking a wide view of the issues behind the problems and using a range of solutions has always been the thinki ...Read more

Vienna, Austria
As part of the ongoing (since 2007) campaign “Bleib Sauber – Jugend OK” (Stay Clean – Youth OK) the Austrian Ministry of the Interior (Criminal Department – Crime Prevention) informs kids and young adults about different kinds of issues such as violence, grooming, drug abuse and also vandalism including graffiti. The campaign focuses on events at schools but also includes local businesses, youth associations and sport facilities. Events include discussions, lectures and further actions set by p ...Read more