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Barcelona, Spain
This awareness campaign is spread through an interactive platform that describes different categories of incivility (being graffiti among them). An important aim of this initiative is to involve users and travelers in graffiti reporting. To do so, they can use either the interactive web platform or the app developed for all mobile devices.

Leeds, United Kingdom
Reverse graffiti, also known as clean tagging, dust tagging, grime writing, clean graffiti, green graffiti or clean advertising, is a method of creating temporary or semi-permanent images on walls or other surfaces by removing dirt from a surface. This creative and environmentally friendly practice involves creating public art as well. Also adopted for commercial advertisement service (private purposes). Labelled as “Legal Graffiti”, it has been legitimated for commercial projects, as well  ...Read more

Plymouth, United Kingdom
The aim of this project was to improve the image, cleanliness and commercial attractiveness of public spaces in the city of Plymouth, by effectively controlling graffiti and fly-posting. A Zap IT! steering group was established in 2002, with representatives from City Centre Management, Enforcement, Direct Services, Youth Service, City Hosts, Youth Offending Team, Probation, Police and the Council’s legal practice. The approach taken consisted of tackling graffiti and fly-posting from three different an ...Read more

Brighton, United Kingdom
The council aims to clean off any unwanted graffiti. They especially aim to clean offensive graffiti as quickly as possible. In partnership with Virgin Media, the council has adopt a box scheme, which encourages businesses, residents and resident groups to keep an eye on green exchange boxes near them. The council supplies the paint and brushes for anyone who would like to adopt a box and keep it graffiti free. In partnership with Youth Offending Service, the council runs the Cassette Lord project. The c ...Read more

Brent, United Kingdom
Brent Council uses a merged module. The prevention model was developed based on insights gained from engaging with young people, graffiti offenders, victims of graffiti vandalism and local residents. The Brent Graffiti Partnership Board decided that stronger investigation and enforcement, combined with diversionary activities, was needed to steer young people away from taking up graffiti vandalism. While there was greater CCTV surveilence within the borough, and prolific ‘taggers’ were fined, the bor ...Read more

Southampton, United Kingdom
The Southampton Common Paddling Pool Kiosk is a prominent building visible from a major route into the city centre. The building had become a regular target for graffiti vandalism causing it to be a focus for bad publicity and an unpleasant sight for users of the common and passing traffic. In response, in 2002 the collective Beyond Graffiti was asked by Southampton City Council to run a project involving local young people to transform the building using spray cans. That is, a partnership between social ...Read more

Birmingham, United Kingdom
Lozells is an inner city area with living, trading and recreational spaces blighted by litter, fly tipping, graffiti and flyposting, and overrun with vermin. The Lozells Community Clean-up emerged from an environmental gathering of Black Majority Churches, who were concerned about their area. The churches invited representatives from Birmingham City Council (BCC), Groundwork, Lozells and Birchfield Trading Associations and other community organisations, to joint meetings to plan and deliver the event. Fr ...Read more

London, United Kingdom
The graffiti writer Banksy rented a disused road tunnel in South London from Network Rail to have an art exhibition called Banksy Cans in 2008. The space was then opened to public use, for graffiti writers to practice. Since then the space has became a "free wall" as Banksy is still renting it. There has been various graffiti festivals/events took place in the area since then.

Harlow, United Kingdom
Piecing Together is a project led by Harlow Council that uses industrial and household waste to create large-scale community art works around the town. The project aims to: Improve the environment; Raise people’s awareness of the importance of waste issues, particularly young people’s; Give young people (especially young offenders) the chance to work with professional artists. The project has evolved from the Art Underground initiative that r ...Read more

Nottingham, United Kingdom
The effect of this campaign will be felt right across the city as grot spots and enviro-crimes are tackled and more business and community volunteers sign up for projects. The 100 day Clean-up Challenge will: Clean up at least 50 grot spots; Remove graffiti on public property within 48 hours of being reported; Remove illegal fly-posters within 48 hours of being reported; Respond to all fly-tips within 48 hours of being reported; Issue at least 50 fixed penalty notices for enviro-crimes; Respond to all re ...Read more

MiltonKeynes, United Kingdom
The aim of Operation Spring Clean was to clean up and improve local environmental quality (LEQ) on one of the most socially deprived and poor estates, in terms of LEQ, in the borough. Graffiti was particularly prevalent on this estate.Partners involved in the project included parishes, cleansing contractors, the ‘graffiti busters’ team, police, fire service and the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA). The project included a blitz on the whole area to remove rubbish as well as to specific ...Read more

London, United Kingdom
London borough of Sutton in its town centre had a problem of graffiti. Just painting over the graffiti did not stop it re-appearing and it was decided that painting a mural might be more effective. Initially just one shop shutter was painted as an experiment – this proved successful with the shop looking much better and the graffiti problem disappearing. Following this success the scheme was expanded and now many shutters, blank walls and empty shops are painted with murals. The shutters are painted on ...Read more